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Recreational Break


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@Deltakosh @MrVR

I think I'm going to take a break for an hour or so and RE-THINK how I'm gonna handle some babylonJS issues i have with baking...

We all need a small reboot every now and then.

I got a SWEEET KTM 300 2-Stroke Dirt Bike... Totally tricked out for trail riding in Hawaii... Im go ride up country for an hour or so... think about things... Then i will be back :)


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Wingy use to have a good acquaintance in Hawaii...  calls himself "rocker" (Sam Epstein), last known to hang-out at the Maui Media Lab.  He's a genius and mega-trailblazer, just like you, Mack.  We used to work on SenseMedia MOO's together... doing dynamic-genned VRML and other demented things.  Stop-in there and give him a hug from Wingnut, if you ever get in the area.

Since we started this personal diary thread, I think I'll vent about my personal life.  Here we go...

*sigh*  I could go-for some Hawaii-grade weather, right now.  Sure is cold and snowy 'round here.  (whine)

I want to live in a "star bus".  Follow the warm air.  :)  Probably can't drive it to Hawaii, from Michigan, though.

It's only a pile of money away-from being a reality.  Just a big pile of paper false idols that I worship.  That's all.  About a $mil for the bus, and another $mil to keep it rolling down the highway for 20 years.  That's all.  *sigh* *drool*

Reverend Wingnut's Travellin' Herbal and Moral Medicine Show (with BJS enhancements) - coming to YOUR town to corrupt YOUR children... soon.  :)  Don't miss it!

Why are grocery prices SO HIGH?  Why does all the food have so much crappy "filler"? 

Why are "they" competing over which food can have the LEAST "real food" in it, and still be sell-able to gullible grunts like me?

Why did they say that the grocery price hikes were because of high gas prices, and then when gas prices dropped far, grocery prices went even higher? 

Why do "they" think we won't notice the reduction in package sizes (for the same low price as before!)? 

Friggin' they's/them's.  God I hate the them's.  But if you can't beat the them's, then join them, eh?  I'll raise all the prices on the invoicings I issue to others.... become a they... do some price-tagging of my own.  :D

Why can't I find a gorgeous young girlfriend that is EXACTLY what I want her to be, no more and no less?  What's the story there?

Why aren't my teeth ALWAYS perfect and never need dentistry?  C'mon!  Why isn't there more space in my brain?  When is summer coming again?

DARNIT!  :)  I think I'll take a ride into the country on my tricked-out snowblower... be back in an hour.  Excitingly yawnful, eh?


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