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Quake - the 20th Anniversary


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On Christmas day I was chatting to a gaming friend and he reminded me that Quake, a game released by Id Software in 1996,  was 20 years old in 2016. Like Babylon.JS, there was an active community around Quake that produced new game maps, better textures, weapons, monsters - and still does today. So on Boxing day, rather than fight the rampaging hordes in the shopping malls, I decided to spend a few hours seeing if I could bring the world of Quake to BJS :)

I started here - Quaddicted - a site that features some downloadable game maps and reviews. As I was experimenting, I wanted a reasonably small file with a reasonable review, and came in a .bsp format (game maps also come in a .pak format but that involves a longer extraction process). So I chose a map named "REoL TOUGH: Demise!"  by "George J. Fiffy II" . Ironically Mr Fiffy released the map on Boxing Day 1996 - another 20 year anniversary !

Extraction of the .bsp file

For this I used this Blender add on - Blender Quake BSP Importer. It works in Blender 2.71 but not in Blender 2.76. The extraction went nicely and I saved the blend file and opened it in Blender2.76. Then I hit a snag. When I exported the scene to BJS there were no textures! :o. Looking at the list of textures used in the scene, I noticed none of them had a file type - just a name (eg: "sfloor1" instead of "sfloor1.png"). So I had to rename all the textures in my .blend file and then save them - not hard just a bit tedious. I can explain in another post if people want to know how.:)

And here is the result: Quake1

The only things I have added are : CheckCollisions, on certain meshes  (walls but not most doors). And of course there no monsters/weapons/traps/teleportation  yet. Maybe when I feel like doing something different again - I can look at those features:)

And just a couple of comments. In these days of MB textures, the largest texture file  in this demo is 45 KB and there are only 3 textures over 10KB. It shows of course - but not nearly as badly as I thought it would. Looking at the file in Blender it has 32,915 verts but 23,000+ are duplicates but removing them all at once with Blender's "Remove Doubles" leads to some odd shading - so it looks like will have to be done with just specific parts (tedious again).

If you want to see this Quake Map being played, here is a YouTube video : Demise!. Start at about 1 minute.

Anyway Happy New Year to all :)

cheers, gryff :)



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