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Pointer collision with objects?


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Hi guys, im implementing touch controls to my game because i want to export it to android in the future, its the first time i do that and i want to know how can i make something that detects if the pointer is colliding with a sprite.

I am using this for movements of the player and it works:

if(game.input.activePointer.leftButton.isDown && game.input.activePointer.position.x <= 128){
		player.body.velocity.x = -velocityy;

And the same for the right.

So i want to make something like that, but instead of x position, i want to dettect if the pointer is touching a sprite, any ideas about how can i do that? thanks :P

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Just now, PhasedEvolution said:

var input = game.input.activePointer.position;

if( (input.x > sprite.body.x && input.x < sprite.body.x+sprite.width) && (input.y > sprite.body.y && input.y < sprite.body.y+sprite.height) ) {...}


Nice, didnt thought in that, thanks man!

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