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[Solved] Type 'HTMLElement' is not assignable to type 'HTMLCanvasElement'


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I decided to use TypeScript with BabylonJS. I learn Getting Started tutorial

I wrote this code:

class Game
    private _canvas: HTMLCanvasElement;
    private _engine: BABYLON.Engine;
    private _camera: BABYLON.Camera;
    private _scene: BABYLON.Scene;
    private _light: BABYLON.Light;

    constructor(canvasElement: string)
        // Create canvas and engine
        this._canvas = document.getElementById(canvasElement);
        this._engine = new BABYLON.Engine(this._canvas, true);

Visual Studio 2015 shows this message:


Error    TS2322    Type 'HTMLElement' is not assignable to type 'HTMLCanvasElement'.
  Property 'height' is missing in type 'HTMLElement'


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