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HandJS doesn't work properly in Chrome 55+


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Hallo Community,

I have a problem with HandJS on touch devices with Google Chrome 55 or higher.
When I try to rotate or zoom or anything else the 3d object, it moves a little bit and then stops. When I make a console log on every pointermove event it get triggered once after the pointerdown event. In my opinion it should get triggered many times, just like the touchmove event does.

According to Caniuse, Chrome 55 is the first version which supports the pointer events. I think that chrome might have the pointer events implemented a bit different than IE or Edge, but the Workaround with HandJS does not work anymore because the pointerevents actually exist.

So my question would be how to write a workaround?

Hopefully you could help me.

Sincerely, David

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