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[FIXED] Calling dispose on a mesh causes entire custom render target to disappear


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Hi there,

I have a minimap implemented by having a secondary camera in a RenderTargetTexture applied on a plane. In the 2.6 preview version since a change committed on Dec 21st 2016, something has been broken. So when I dispose an object in my scene, the entire plane which holds the minimap (the RenderTargetTexture of a camera) disappears too. This is obviously not the expected behaviour.
I traced the problematic commits and they happened to be these:

commit 49e419016287753a9720a46114bbc605df69db79
Merge: 55f1083 d0fbbc9
Author: David Catuhe <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Dec 21 12:23:33 2016 -0800

    Merge pull request #1622 from haxiomic/UseOpenGLProjectionMatricies
    Use OpenGL projection matricies over Direct3D for better depth precision

To reproduce the problem, please download the attached zip and run index.html. The code has setTimeout that will dispose the sphere. You will see that the minimap disappears too. Then when you modify index.html to reference good-babylon.js instead of bad-babylon.js you will see that when the sphere disappears, the minimap will not disappear. bad-babylon.js is the current preview version built from master, whereas good-babylon.js is from a version before the problematic commit.


I hope someone knowledgeable of the changed area of code fix the issue for us.


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