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usage of OnIntersectionEnterTrigger with Rectangle2D objects


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Hi everyone,

I am pretty new with babylon.js and have a question about the ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger.

Is it possible to use this trigger with Rectangle2D in a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D?

So what I want to do is to move 2D objects in a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D and trigger a event if two of them overlap on each other.

I have already tried several thing but it doesn't seems to work..

Thanks for any feedback :)



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OK, thanks.

I already use the pointerEventObservable to pick up a element with the mouse and move it.

My problem is to detect if two 2D objects intersect with each other.

If I understand you correct I have to manage this by myself by using the current pointer position and check if the bounding box of the moving object intersects with a bounding box of another element?

is there such a thing as best practice?

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@ller nope, there's no such thing (yet). You're the first to ask for that and I'm amazed about all the things that should be considered as "must have" and that I didn't think about in the first place, because it's obvious that there should be some intersection code between two primitive, but right now, if I remember correctly you don't even have intersection of two boundingInfo2D objects...

As I told, I didn't planned for this but it's a must have, I'll work on it as soon as possible, in the meantime try to work on something else, I hope I'll solve it in few days.

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@ller I'm progressing, WorldAABB computation/update is done, partitioning is done, intersection of AABB is done. Now I need to make the different intersection algorithm between primitive types, because any kind of prim can intersect any other kind, well, there's in theory a lot of different cases right there already. I think I may rely on a mix of:

  1. TypeA versus TypeB
  2. TypeA's auto generated triangleList versus TypeB's auto generated triangleList (to reduce the overall cases count).



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