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Any good tutorial for tilemaps?


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I'm new to phaser and gamedevelopment in general. I've managed to make a simple map in Tiled. Now i want to implement it in my code, but i've tried so much and it just won't work...

So is there any good tutorial out there that explains tiles in phaser? Because i've been googling for a while now. 



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I've got a tutorial in the works for this, will be published in January. We've recently redone the tilemap handling in Phaser extensively, it's a lot more flexible and easier to use now, so give it a few weeks for the holidays to get out the way and you'll soon start to see a load of activity around this.

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Is there a way to increase the size of what is shown in a tilemap/tilemaplayer? I'm currently trying to use several tilemaps next to eachother, but it just doesn't work.

The problem is that for tilemaps bigger than the gamescreen if you set fixedToCamera=false, it becomes the size of the screen in place and weirdly scrolls within that smaller screen. I get that this is intended to create such effects that can be seen in the tutorials etc.


But I can't seem to find what properties decides this. I've tried looking at source, changing camera/world/layers/maps etc. So I'm up for any tip etc.


I guess you could have a variable keeping track of current tilemap and when it reaches a certain point it changes to another one. But that seems pretty annoying to implement and might not be the most efficient.

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