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Canvas2d, positioning rectangle at bottom left of tracked node


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I am attempting to position a rectangle at the bottom left of the tracked node origin using Canvas2d, I can't figure it out for the life of me.


For example: modifying origin (0,0) does not position the rect at the bottom left of the tracked node. Basically I am building a card game, and would like to be able to position various blocks of text's relative to a particular card (attributes and such) - The cards themselves are planes.

Anyone have any ideas, or do I need to take a different overall approach? I saw another example http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1N9RJY#58 - in which a new WorldSpace canvas is created everytime text needs to be rendered, but, is that kosher performance wise? Maybe I'm just hesitant because rendering a canvas seems like an expensive operation (although I haven't drilled into it to see what is actually going on yet)

Anyways, the tracked object strategy would be perfect / easiest by far, IF I could set origin.


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@thrice sorry for the big delay to answer you, it doesn't happen often but I was unable to contribute/keep things up with the forum the last few days. I'm about to accept the PR @adam wrote to solve your issue,  your hairs will be happy about this.
I will build a new preview version of C2D when all the PR about it will be processed, which is in less than a hour.


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