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VRDeviceOrientedFreeCamera Jitters


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When using the VRDeviceOreintedFreeCamera on my mobile using VR headset (Himido V2)... When i turn he head... Has ALOT of Jitter...

Is there any settings i need to handle to take care of that jitter...

Also ... what is the optimism vertical and horizontal settings ... the default VRCamerMetrics uses 1280 x 720 ... Is that right for mobile VR???

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Well, some mobiles are simply too slow for VR.

Try eliminating the lens distortion, this will increase FPS. also try playing with the hardware scaling factor, so that the single screen resolution will be a bit lower. Try getting to 30-40 fps (of course, 60 would be nice, but hey, we can'T always get what we want)

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As requestet from @RaananW here is my sreencast, maybe I have the same issue, Im using an ArcCamera with VR-RigMode:

moving the mouse input gently from left to right and back (first half ot the screencast) there is a jitter. Moving with a joystick (second half ot the screencast) gives a better result while moving, but in changing the direction there is also a jump. It seems as there will be two handlers figthing each other.:( . There is no "rigPostProcess.samples"  settings to the camera, but changing this values here doesn't influence the jitter either.

If I switch from VR-mode to normal, there is absolutely no jitter with a constant FPS of 60.

Thanks in advance

PS: Note the FPS is falling down with joystick, but a better result ???


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OK, found something out  but I'm still not satisfied because I don't know the reason:

The GamepadCamera with RIG_MODE_VR works best, absolutly no jitter, no difference if moving with mouse or with joystick.

??? Why does ArcCamera not work, but anyway, discovering GamepadCamera was great, which seems to be my favorite now.

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