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animation oddity


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Ok, so I have a basic top-down player with multidirectional movement. I have added a (poor) 2-frame animation but it only works when i use W, S,  UP, or DOWN to move along the Y axis. If i move along the X axis the animation doesn't work and there is a weird vibration look to it.


In my code, i set player.walking to true when i am pressing any of the movement buttons, and false when i'm not. Then i have this below that in my update function:

    if (!player.walking){        player.animations.stop();        player.frame = 0;    }    else        player.animations.play('walk');

I have player.walking in the top left as debug text and it evaluates to false when i am trying to move on the x-axis, so is it even an error in my animation code?



you can see my source here: http://evansphasertest.co.nf/TDS/main.js

and the example is hosted here: http://evansphasertest.co.nf/TDS/ *

* sorry if the connection is bad, it was free



Thanks so much in advance!


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