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3D scan using a single iPhone only


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Most people here know that I have an 82 DSLR cammera scanning rig.  I use this specifically for scanning in people at the shortest time possible (which is currently 1/300th of a second).  However, such a complex rig is not required for scanning objects.  You don't even need a DSLR camera or a handheld scanner.

In this demo I used a simple iPhone 6+ and walked around a statue.  We took 89 photos from different angles.  My web designer had to stand on my shoulders for the top row of photos.

The bust needed to have smooth shading but the base has sharp edges which I needed to preserve so I wanted flat shading for that.  With babylon.js you can't pick and choose which edges to smooth.  In order to pull this off I made the base and bust 2 separate meshes and turned off smooth shading on the base.  It still doesn't look perfect, but it was much better than everything smoothed or everything flat.

This is my first test scanning with an iPhone and I usually scan people so this is a rough demo.



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I read through this post 

and I learnt that I can use the edge-split modifier to combine flat and smooth shading, so I did that and now I just need one mesh.  It doesn't make much different to the result but it helped me clean up the code a bit

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3 hours ago, Temechon said:

It's really awesome ! What do you use to build the mesh from pictures ? 

I used Agisoft Photoscan.  The screenshot above is from that.

However, Photoscan will give a jumbled mesh with thousands of polygons so I used a combination of Zbrush and Blender to retopologise.  I really wish babylon.js could show the actual topology I was working with instead of just tris so I could demonstrate it right on the web-page.  People always ask about topology and the best I can do is turn on wireframe mode and tell them to use their imagination to see the squares



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@Temechon: There is a free piece of software called Instant Meshes that can be used to retopologize high poly triangulated meshes to low poly quad meshes. Requires input as an .obj or .ply file.

It was presented at a SIGGRAPH conference in 2015.

Oops - that is not the answer to the question you asked :wacko:

For the pictures to mesh - VisualSFM

Here is a YouTube video on the whole process - 3D scanning for free! It also uses MeshLab for clean up - but that does not do any retopology - just cleanup and decimation. You can use Instant Meshes instead.

cheers, gryff :)

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I think VisualSFM is free, so that's definitely a good place to start.

Instant Meshes is pretty neat but I don't use it because it makes all quads the same size.  Its not possible to allocate more polys to one area so its not much better than a clever decimation.  In my topo picture above you can see that the base has much bigger quads than the bust.  For webGL I put in a good effort to use the least number of polys possible

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