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Can't load any .babylon file


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I tried to load a mesh from Blender. I've used the exporter but when I loaded it, the onsuccess callback has a an array of zero meshes. 

I'm doing:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("sectarian", "/data/", "untitled.babylon", scene, function (meshes, ps, skeletons) {

And untitled.babylon is attached. I'm using Babylon 2.4 and meshes is an array of 0 elements. I've checked and the babylon file is correctly loaded from the server.


What should I do in order to load the mesh? Am I missing something? Thanks


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@Dad72 -

Brilliant! I wasn't aware we didn't need to define the object name. Of course this would only work if your scene contained a single mesh. Also, you will most likely want to use your mesh in a seperate function or operation again in your script, so I might advise to always define the name of your imported mesh - especially if it contains children in Blender which you wish to import and clone or instance.


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i believe the "name" parameter is there incase you only want one mesh from a file containing several meshes, e.g. 

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "/assets/", "myFile.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particles, skeletons)

if your file have two meshes, leaving the name field empty, loads both meshes, respectively at newMeshes[0] and newMeshes[1],

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