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This is still a work in progress, i plan to finish this in my spare time (i am working as a webdeveloper).

Will be a simple RPG (not mmo).

The only static map will be the town, the other maps are (will be) generated at run time, same party will join the same map instance.

I can import the models (with animations) from an old game, maybe some of you will recognize it (a korean game). There are plenty of private servers and nobody care so i guess it's fine, at least for now.


Initial video: https://youtu.be/iyab7EGtuH4

IP: Almost non stop, until server crash when i sleep.... :D

Server working but a lot of things are hardcoded (on client side too)

Update #1: Post

Update #2: Post

Update #3: Post

Original post:


First of all, hi there, lovely bjs comunity.

This is my first time making a game (at least trying)

Should i continue my project? 

If i should, i know that it's imposible to create everything by myself (3d, animations, textures, sounds, mechanics e.t.c.), are there any dev's resources?

I'll leave a quick demo down here :D



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Update: https://youtu.be/1eXeZCZawuU 

Server remade from scratch, instanced maps, stil some hardcoded things (like accounts and chars). 

Not going to do lots of things until i am sure that everything is working fine (database, connections handling and other things, using websockets, node.js on server side and mysql as database) 

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Sick and busy, job is taking all my time... 

Today i got this, send skills to server and back to clients, skill callback [hit/miss], damage indicator [took me a while to figure out BABYLON.Vector3.Project]


I have one question, actually need a sugestion, don't really know to explain but i'll try my best.

How would be better, to check things [can move to x:y, can cast skill e.t.c.] on client side or server side?

Eg: Cast skill -> check mana on client side and send the action on server to be sent to other clients

Or Cast skill -> send to server -> check mana -> send back to client / other clients

Gonna obfuscate all files with this thing [or any other obfuscators]

Edit: Quick tool to merge my files, now i need a good command line javascript obsfucator



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Imo, if you obfuscate there are not a lot of risks that an amateur will cheat.

The best practice is to check on server side like in a PHP game before sending to other players (validate in real world).
All logic variables like mana can be stored and updated easily for each player on server side.

No physic stuff I think cause its difficult to simulate there.


But this process is not really handy for the programmer, mostly in a real-time game.

We are used to do nearby all code in client side.

And the player still has to check first on client side too. Because he can't wait the answer of the server to see the result on his screen.

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Question, am i allowed to do this

Game.prototype.customizeLoadingScreen = function(){
	// Customize loading screen
	var loadingText = this.Babylon.engine._loadingScreen._loadingTextDiv.parentElement.childNodes[0];
	loadingText.innerHTML = "Loading..."
	loadingText.style.color = "#990000";
	loadingText.style.fontSize = "16px";
	loadingText.style.fontWeight = "bold";
	var loadingImage = this.Babylon.engine._loadingScreen._loadingTextDiv.parentElement.childNodes[1];
	loadingImage.src = "images/loading.png";
	loadingImage.style.top = "30%";
	loadingImage.style.marginTop = "250";
	var loadingLogo = this.Babylon.engine._loadingScreen._loadingTextDiv.parentElement.childNodes[2];
	loadingLogo.src = "images/nevergrind.png";
	loadingLogo.style.top = "100px";
	loadingLogo.style.marginTop = "0";
	loadingLogo.style.marginLeft = "-175";

To achieve this?


Or i am forced to use the default loading screen?

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9 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

You can do whatever you want :) (But we appreciate being credited somewhere)

The community will be credited for sure, both babylon js and html5gamedevs.

I'm gonna leave this here :D

Tomorrow i will write basic ai for mobs and add 1-2 maps [flat planes with mobs] + level/xp [basic, add damage/hp/mana]

Ps, the collision is messed up, don't try to go into walls, you will get stuck. 

Right click and 1-4 are skills, only 1 can "deal damage"

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Your link is considered phishing by my anti virus.

And I did not understand, I create an account, and when I log I have a print_r () on the information in my register.

And when I go to Game, the server connection is the connection fail, I have not managed to go further and test.


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If anyone is joining me please leave a feedback, even if there is nothing to do, just walk around. Fps, ideas, constructive feedback e.t.c.

@Dad72 Console output: This page includes a password or credit card input in a non-secure context. A warning has been added to the URL bar. For more information, see  https://goo.gl/zmWq3m.

I have just tested with my friend and he can connect.

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wow! I've been trying it and it looks amazing, really good graphics! May I ask how have you generated the town? did you manually place everything one by one or did you use some sort of map generation tool?

Best regards,


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