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Maximum Scene Polycount


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I'm trying to export a model which is about 400,000 Polys. 
I know the maximum export is somewhere around 60, 000 for any one mesh. I am thinking about breaking and exporting the mesh in different parts.

Will this lead to issues in the scene?
Also, what is the best polygon count for a babylon scene for efficiency in web and mobile?

Finaly, what is the maximum polygon count for a babylon scene before it crashes?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello, if you are running on recent devices, babylon.js can use 32bits indices and thus there is no more a 65K vertices limit per mesh

Based on WebGLStats, you can be pretty confident :) http://webglstats.com/webgl/extension/OES_element_index_uint

There is virtually no upper limit of polygon count per scene as long as you have memory


I suggest trying and experimenting

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I know this is an old topic, but this info may still be useful to others like myself.

WebGLStats seems to be gone or moved. https://webglreport.com/ looks like it may be it's replacement? (as of writing).

I created a BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateGroundFromHeightMap with 500 subdivisions, and get about 43fps to 60fps on a midrange Xiaomi Mi A1 phone released ~September, 2017. (gsmarena.com is useful for finding device spec's)

My rough calculation, 500 subdivisions would work out to 250,000 quads, and if there's 2 triangles for each quad then 500,000 triangles might be about my poly budget to support mid-range phones.

Because it's only one mesh, a lot of vertex's are shared, so if I have more mesh's my budget may be lower.

(disclaimer: I'm new to Babylon JS, and WebGL on mobile, so my assumptions could be wrong).

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