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Problems importing *.babylon in Chrome


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I created some merged meshes with babylon.js. Then I serialized them and put into a JSON-file (*.babylon).

Now I am importing the meshes from this files. Most of them are imported correctly.

One file gives me the following error:

"BJS - [17:06:47]: importMesh of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportMesh has failed JSON parse".


Strange on this error is - it only appears on Chrome 55.0. With Firefox 31.6

Any Idea where to search for the error?



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About a year ago, a producer tag started getting put into .babylon files by all the exporters.  This identified what produced the file.  Looks like the serializer does not add this field.  Probably should.  Upshot is you are not going to figure out much looking at that error.  Perhaps, you serialized the scene with an older version of BJS, that is causing the problem now.  (Which is why the serializer should add the producer info)

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I did this with BJS 2.5:

	var	strMesh = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.SerializeMesh(mesh);
	strMesh = JSON.stringify(strMesh)	

and wrote the String to a file. There is no producer tag like if I am exporting from blender, like this:

	"producer": {
		"name": "Blender",
		"version": "2.76 (sub 0)",
		"exporter_version": "5.0.6",
		"file": "question1.babylon"

I also added this lines to my exported JSON. No change.


And nonetheless, all other exported files are working.

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Now, this is really strange! I tried it on another Computer with exactly the same version of Chrome and there is no error. Everthing works as expected.

The only difference between the two computers is, that the one where it does not work has an internet proxy with a whitelist.

Mh now I am totally confused 



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