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There is a question on using Sprite2D primitive when sprite size is larger then texture size.

The common usage scenario is filling some area with "pattern" texture. Logically, that behaviour can be achieved by setting wrapU and wrapV properties of underlying texture to Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE. But Sprite2D doesn't support that usage scenario. In Sprite2D constructor:


this.texture = texture;
this.texture.wrapU = Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE;
this.texture.wrapV = Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE;

so, Sprite2D overrides texture settings.

That snippet will use CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE, ignoring texture settings.

tx.wrapU = Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE;
tx.wrapV = Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE;
let sprite = new Sprite2D(tx, ...);

But if you really want to have WRAP_ADDRESSMODE, you can do as following:

let sprite = new Sprite2D(tx, ...);
sprite.texture.wrapU = Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE;
sprite.texture.wrapV = Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE;

And the sprite will be filled with texture.

The workaround is fairy simple, but I want to know the logic behind that solution - texture settings override in constructor.


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