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Found 12 results

  1. I'm totally new to pixijs and to game development in general. I need a help in fixing this error in devices that use canvas if webGL is not available. Im using projection plugin and it is seems like the error is from projection.sprite2d. I am researching about the issue and found PIXI.CanvasRenderer.registerPlugin but don't know how to use it. please help I'm stuck with this issue. TIA
  2. Hi All. Maybe it seems strangely but how I can before use scale9 for sprite2D, scale this sprite without scale9 and after that applying to this sprite scale9? Why I need this? For optimization! I have canvas size 1280x720, then I am make the size for this canvas 640x360 and scale = 2 and for all sprite2D objects on this canvas I set scale = 0.5 and in results we have few resolution for canvas and good quality for all sprite2D objects. But some sprites uses scale9 and if I set scale 0.5 for this sprites, then this sprites at once uses scale9 but I need use just scale 0.5 and after that a
  3. Hi, I was wondering if someone had experienced slight differences in "offsets" using sprite2D texture and wether it might be related to caching. As an example I have a fairly small texture of 16*16 here in svg, but i tried also using png, same problem. That's the begining of the sprite texture zoomed in 4800% When using it in chrome with a code like this: const crossSheet = taskObject.cloneAssetIntoScene(R.get.crossSheet, scene) crossSheet.hasAlpha = false const cross = new BABYLON.Sprite2D(crossSheet, { parent: canvas, id: 'cross',
  4. There are two questions about sprite2d behaviour, again I don't know whether it's bug or intended properties (fun club of @Nockawa keeps working) 1. Origin property of primitive. (That can be a bug) From documentation: Origin: define the origin of the primitive, default being 0.5,0.5, which is the center of the primitive, 0.0,0.0 would be the bottom/left corner of the primitive. The origin play a role in the rotation/scaling of the primitive but not in its positioning. Here is PG with exploration of that "not in its positioning" thing in
  5. There is a question on using Sprite2D primitive when sprite size is larger then texture size. The common usage scenario is filling some area with "pattern" texture. Logically, that behaviour can be achieved by setting wrapU and wrapV properties of underlying texture to Texture.WRAP_ADDRESSMODE. But Sprite2D doesn't support that usage scenario. In Sprite2D constructor: super(settings); this.texture = texture; this.texture.wrapU = Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE; this.texture.wrapV = Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE; so, Sprite2D overrides texture settings. That snippet will use CLAMP_ADDRE
  6. Is there any possibility to set custom color in Sprite2D? For now there is only opacity property.
  7. Hi, I have 4 sprite2D buttons in an array. They are the only visible sprites on a canvas, but not the only one (several with opacity 0). If I dispose of 3 among the 4 everything is fine. elements2D.levelButtons[0].dispose(); elements2D.levelButtons[1].dispose(); // elements2D.levelButtons[2].dispose(); elements2D.levelButtons[3].dispose(); But if I dispose of all of them webGL throws a warning on a couple of render() - i'd say around 100 engine.render(). During those render any call to add primitives is not taken into account, resulting in a slight delay. Then, without any rea
  8. Hi all, I want to create a Sprite2D and it's image can make some effect like grayscale. So I consider using CustomProceduralTexture to implement it. My pseudo code is like below (the shader is just basic one not grayscale): let sampleTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("img/sample.png", scene, true, false, BABYLON.Texture.NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE); BABYLON.Effect.ShadersStore["TestPixelShader"] = "precision highp float;\n" + "varying vec2 vUV;\n" + "uniform sampler2D sampleTexture;\n" + "void main(void) {\n" + "gl_FragColor = texture2D(sampleTexture, vUV);\n"
  9. Hello everyone, I am newbie in BabylonJS. When I study the playground example of Sprite2D, I have a question about invertY setting at Texture and Sprite2D class. The texture constructor sets invertY to false at the line 5, and the Sprite2D constructor sets invertY to true at the line 11. Does it mean that player.png caches in texture like the below, so the Sprite2D constructor needs to set invertY to true? And why Texture invert a picture automatically? Thanks.
  10. Hey ! I was wondering (instead of sleeping) if the scaling behavior for sprite2D is working OK. I have this strange behavior: Scale 1 position(0,0) Scale 0.5 position (0,0) How to know the correct position on the screen after scaling ?? The code: var texture = taskObject.cloneAssetIntoScene(taskObject.assets.faceTexture, scene); var ts = texture.getSize(); var sprite = new BABYLON.Sprite2D(texture, { parent: canvass, id: "sprite1", x: 0, y: 0, invertY: false, spriteSize: ts, scale: 0.5, spriteLocati
  11. Hey, I was wondering if actualSize was intended to give the size after scaling ? Is there a way to get the actualSize after scaling ? For now im using this : var spriteSize = new BABYLON.Vector2(sprite.size.width, sprite.size.height); var scaledSpriteSize = spriteSize.scaleInPlace(sprite.scale); It would be nice to have access to the original size, and the scaled size in separate properties... Also, I was wondering what you think about making vector2 and size function compatible, meaning Vector2.subtract(Size) would work... some kind of ab
  12. Hey everyone, So I have been fighting Sprite2D for hours. I am developping a 2D version of my project and I simply wanted to draw a single sprite2D on my canvas but couldn't, the sprite was not showing. The texture was loading for sure because I could use it on 3D meshes. Another post talked about a similar issue and although the post says the problem was solved, it does not say how or what was really causing it : I am not showing all my experimenting because it would be meaningless, but I kept getting this warning: (index):1 [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7f84b30bdc00]
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