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Tweening Accuracy


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I've got an issue with tweening, where I can see that the tween doesn't quite get to the target positions.

This is undoubtedly caused by the tweens being very fast (say 250ms) and that they are Linear - testing shows that changing either, or both, of those resolves the issue, but that's not a solution I can use. (The speed is necessary, and they have to have no ease as they are chained.)

I've tried changing the tween.interpolation, but this doesn't resolve the issue.

Anybody got an ideas how I can fix this? (I have tried repositioning using onComplete, but this is a bit flickery.)



I forgot to add, I tried replacing the phaser tweening with Greensock - the issue was instantly resolved - but GSAP isn't all that simple to use with Phaser (I'm using some delays, and TweenMax.delayedCall got very confused about the scope.)

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