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[SOLVED] - Mixamo Rigged Chacters


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Mixamo Auto-Rigged Characters ALWAYS deform when animating. This does NOT MATTER if it is a Mixamo generated animation or key-framed from modeling software like Maya... But BabylonJS DOES NOT like the mixamo Auto-Rigged characters ... If i Re-Rig the character manually it works fine. 

Can anybody tell the Rhyme or Reason as to why mixamo auto-rigged characters deform funny like spaghetti when animated... My only guess is Babylon Js DOES not like the Skin Job mixamo does during the auto-rig process...

We really should get that fixed/working since mixamo is the DEFACTO online-auto rigger out there :)

@Deltakosh of @Sebavan ... Care to give you two cents here :)


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Hi @MackeyK24 :)

The "spaghetti monster" occurs when the transforms of the mesh and rig are different.

The image below is a free rigged model from Mixamo. The character is called "Zed" I believe. I exported it from Mixamo in a .dae format and then imported that .dae into Blender. Note the transform values. The Blender exporter will automatically detect this and abort the save to a .babylon file.

I have 4 or 5 character models that I rigged in Mixamo - all have this issue. But it can be easily fixed in Blender.

cheers, gryff :)


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4 minutes ago, MackeyK24 said:

@Deltakosh What is the BEST number to use ... 4 or 5 or 8 ??? 

My new Maya Art Tools (Which i just made the PR.. Gonna make video for that tool shortly :)) I can resin to anything (1 thru 30 really) 


@Deltakosh I need to know what is the best default value i should use for the Maya Art Tools (so more convenient when reskin tool) :)


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