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[ Solved ] 2.6 Alpha Error Mirror object (texture) cant showing particles

Kemal UÇAR

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Hi K!  No replies yet, huh?  Sorry.


I see no particles reflected in the mirrors of my xmas tree demo.  :)  Something is broken or something has changed in 2.6 alpha.

These things are normal for alpha versions (work-in-progress), and thanks for the report.  We'll make sure @Deltakosh sees this issue, and that it gets addressed before 2.6 official release.

I wish I had more answers, but I don't.  I know some webGL 2.0 things are being tested, but I don't know if those would affect 2.6 particles and mirrors.

Perhaps others will comment soon.  If not, I will eventually tour the 2.6 git-mits (github submits) and see if I can determine when/how the issue was introduced. 

Thanks again for the report... good find, well done.

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