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Kongregate - is it worth publishing there?


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I'm wondering if any of you had any experience with publishing html5 games on Kongregate. There's a rather long list of requirements and api's to implement in order to publish it (lazy, I know :D) compared to itch.io or newgrounds. And I'm also curious how games fare commercially - I hear there's a 50/50 split of all add revenue for game views. 


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Definitely worth a shot, there is a lot of USA traffic. One of our games managed to get 500.000 plays up there, probably more is possible.
They have friendly "management" that will help to get your game on there, and even give you tips.

Though the audience there enjoy the REAL free to play games... so if your game have a lot in-game purchases they will rate it kinda low.
They also like to share their opinion about the game.

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