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Hi there, 

I thought I'd share what we've been working on.

JigSpace is a platform for creating and sharing 3D, step by step instruction for anything. Kind of a 3D powerpoint! To create these instructions we have a very simple web editor based on Unity, and for viewing them we use Babylon. It works on computers and phones but also in VR and AR (we have dedicated apps for android/ios/oculus/hololens)

Here's a link to our library:


We decided to use Babylon for speed and portability and it has been fantastic. It's a young engine so of course we ran into hurdles along the way but always received great help from the community.

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks, glad you like it :)

That would be awesome yes! If you want me to send you a well-worded short description let me know.

6 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

BTW I hope there is no more hurdles now?

It's a lot better now :) The engine has improved a lot, and we're getting better at it too. Part of our problems came from us having to learn a completely new library and its conventions/documentation.
The 2D labels were a massive challenge until @Nockawa released canvas2D.
One area that we think could be improved and would make a big difference for us is the animation/tweening. In unity we use http://dotween.demigiant.com/, having a similar tweening class in babylon would be amazing. Three.js has https://github.com/tweenjs/tween.js

Besides that it's been great!

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