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Animation "limb" problem


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I have built a character with elements created by CreateSphere() and CreateCylinder(). All parented with a central element collected in an own function. To animate single limbs of the "android" I first used the function getChildMeshes() to get the children of the parent.

The animation works together with a key-event, but there is one problem: while the first move the limbs are flying around, then they return to their place and work well.
How can I solve my Problem?
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Well @George3D from your playground it looks like the cylinders that are your "limbs" are rotating about their origins - which are at the centre of the meshes.

To rotate them properly, I think you need to move the origins (the pivot point) to the top of each cylinder. See this link for a discussion on doing this using "setPivotMatrix"


cheers, gryff :)

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