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Mesh serialize doubles its weight


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Is it normal that after serializing is the double weight of a model not serialized.

I have a model with Skeleton and animation that 16 MB, but once serialize, the file is now 38 MB Why is not it the same weight. is there information duplicate add?

I think the difference is huge. it has 22 MB add to the original file 16MB

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Yet when I look in the file, the numbers have no 0.0000., I see 0.

By cons it is true that each number has a float number rise after the comma compare the original file.

4 decimal in the original file and 16 after the decimal point in the serialized file. (4 * 4)

There is no possibility to reduce the number of decimal 4 or 6 at the time of serialization in Babylon.


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With PHP if I had done this instead of recording in gross, decreases the file is 26 MB rather that 38 MB I still fails to get closer to the initial weight of the file (before serialization 16 MB). There I  +10MB.

But the file babylon load after :D

$json = json_decode($value, true);

$json["meshes"][0]["scaling"][0] = (float)$_POST['scale'];
$json["meshes"][0]["scaling"][1] = (float)$_POST['scale'];
$json["meshes"][0]["scaling"][2] = (float)$_POST['scale'];

$save = json_encode($json);

@chmod($root, 0777);
file_put_contents($root, $save);



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