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Help with localStorage


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I'm running into an issue where I don't quite understand the proper usage of localStorage to be able to save the user's progress. So far while the game works on android, when you close the app or even minimize/relaunch it, it starts a fresh copy of the game instead of picking up where you left off.

I understand that I need to tell it to save the player, but I'm not sure how to get it to save everything within the player (such as this.player.clickDmg, for example).

I've included below the player as well as their stats, and what I've got as the save function (baked into the on click for any clickable button in the game that makes adjustments to any of the player's stats), but I'm not sure how to get it to call those saved stats once the game is run.

How I picture the below code to work is that it sets the base stats, checked localStorage to see if anything is saved, and if there is saved progress ideally it would overwrite the default stats with the user's actual stats.

this.player = {
                clickDmg:            2,
                activeDmg:           2,
                paranoiaDmg:         2,
                DPS:                 0,
                PPS:                 0,
                paranoiaDPS:         0,
                Paranoia:            0,
                ParanoiaDebuff:      1,
                pickedLevel:         1,
                paranoiaBGone:       0,
                paranoiaTemp:        1,
                clickDmgBuff:        2,
                paranoiaDmgBuff:     1,
                paranoiaSpeedBuff:   2,
                DPSBuff:             30,
                PPSBuff:             10,
                paranoiaBGoneBuff:   3,
                paranoiaDPSBuff:     10,
                monstersKilledTotal: 0,
                totalTaps:           0,
                highestLevel:        0,
                highestParanoia:     0,
                highestUpgrades:     0,
                highestDPS:          0,
                highestTapsPS:       0,

if (localStorage.player) {
    localStorage.getItem('player', JSON.stringify(this.player));

saveGameProgress: function(player) {
    localStorage.setItem('player', JSON.stringify(this.player));


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Your saving code looks OK, but the loading code is definitely wrong. getItem() only takes one argument, and you need to JSON.parse() the return value.

Example use:

var foo = {a:1, b:2}
localStorage.setItem('x', JSON.stringify(foo));
var bar = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('x'));

That'll log something like "Object {a: 1, b: 2}" to the console.

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Hi guys, thank you for the help. So if I understand correctly, for loading it'd be something like:

this.player = +JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('player')) || {
                clickDmg:            2,
                activeDmg:           2,

or alternatively

this.player = {
                clickDmg:            2,
                activeDmg:           2,

if (localStorage.player) {
            this.player = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('player'));

However I've tried both and neither are having the results I'm trying to achieve (default stats if no save data, if save data use the saved stats).

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You have a '+' sign in JSON.parse in the first.

In the second, the validation is wrong, you want something like:

var savedPlayer = localStorage.getItem('player');
if (savedPlayer) {
 this.player = JSON.parse(savedPlayer);

This assuming you have local storage available, in older browsers that's not the case.

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