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I check them periodically (looking for answers usually!) and I've never noticed this, plus the github api is rock steady so it's unlikely to be a problem there.

I've just tried it from the train with a terrible connection, it took a while but everything eventually got to where it should be.

Is there anything on your machine that might be prohibiting requests to github or ad servers?

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Hmm I tried tried 4 examples at random and they all load and run. I did notice that the bloody Disqus ads often crash if I have AdBlocker running, which takes away focus from the example iframe when it happens, but clicking back in it resumes the example. The code loaded in all cases though. Disqus don't have a 'no ads' version of their service any more, but I could remove it from the Examples pages I guess. I assume if their shitty service crashes, it could take out the editor as well if that hasn't finished in time.

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On 3/10/2017 at 6:43 PM, rich said:

Ok, all Disqus comments have been removed from the Examples, so their ads can no longer crash the editor.

Thanks god. I don't think anyone uses Disqus so it's probably not worth the extra overhead. If people want to start a conversation, they should post to the forum instead. No on ever sees the Disqus comments. 

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