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Phaser Particle Storm - Cannot destroy emitter?


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I have just purchased the Particle Storm plugin. I like it a lot and it makes it easy to make complicated things, but I cannot make a simple thing easily.

What I would like to do is stop/remove/hide the particle effect/emitter when the user is starting a new round and then show it again when needed.

That's where I am stuck - I simply can't manage to do something as simple as hiding/stopping/removing the particles.

I searched through the docs but I can't seem to find an opposite of the .emit() method, i.e. a way to stop it?

Then as a last resort I tried to destroy the emitter object and then recreate it when needed, but even that doesn't work.

I though my code was causing the problem somewhere but then I took one of the examples (pixel_renderer_01.html) and just added a call to destroy after 2sec at the end of the create method and it generates the same error in the console as my code:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of null
    at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Particle.create (particle-storm.min.js:2)
    at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Particle.reset (particle-storm.min.js:2)
    at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Emitter.emitParticle (particle-storm.min.js:2)
    at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Zones.Line.emit (particle-storm.min.js:2)
    at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Emitter.emit (particle-storm.min.js:2)
    at c.Timer.update (phaser.min.js:19)
    at c.Time.updateTimers (phaser.min.js:19)
    at c.Time.update (phaser.min.js:19)
    at c.Game.update (phaser.min.js:12)
    at c.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF (phaser.min.js:18)
    at window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop (phaser.min.js:18)


Attached you can find the example file with the code added by me, I believe I really didn't manage to do anything wrong in those 5 lines (my code is lines 64 to 73)?

Or am I taking a completely wrong approach, what should I do to stop the emitter when needed and then restart it again when needed?


Kind regards,



pixel renderer01.html

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I found the "on" property earlier and tried it, but with no luck.

Now I have tried the "exists" and "visible" properties, but the emitter doesn't respond to them - no changes.

I have also tried calling methods "kill" and "removeAll" from the link provided but again, they do not help - they are not defined.

I am aware destroying is permanent, but I tried that as a last resort as I couldn't achieve what I wanted in any other way, I'd have re-instantiated it again when needed, but  I didn't manage to destroy it either as some "add" is called and causes an error.

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Tried those before but they do not suit my needs, they do stop emitting of new particles, but the old ones still remain on the screen and I don't know how to hide/remove them?

I have an infinite particle effect running, that's why I need to hide it manually when needed as it won't disappear by itself.

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Bravo, it works! Thanks a lot! :) 

It didn't occur to me to look up into renderer, although I started with Phaser just 2 days ago so I hope I'm excused :)

However, I assume there is still an issue with the destroy method not working as it should? Or maybe it works but I was calling it wrong?

Maybe a material for the authors to look into?


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