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[DEPRECIATED] - Set Physics State Missing


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These are depreciate function that have been deleted. You can see the list here. and there are coolest replacement function. (use:  new PhysicsImpostorgetPhysicsImpostor().getParam("mass"); )


That's what I said, a list should be created on this forum DK, I think this type of message going back often.


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46 minutes ago, Dad72 said:

In console.log, depreciate the functions was reported since 2.3. But I agree that it is very transparent. 

An indication on the forum with a list would be useful to put our code up to date with good functions.

Reported where... how can you tell, by reading the commits ???

Is there some blog or something for each version ?

Or was there some blog about physics state that I SHOULD HAVE BEEN paying attention to ?

BTW... thanks for the info on just using new BABYLON.PhysicsImposter... Didn't know we could do that... Everything i ever remember seeing including the babylonJs ebook say must use mesh.setPhysicsState and if something changed about that ... i never saw any info about it.


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Calm down please. you have access to Slack @MackeyK24!

furthermore all deprecated functions were logging in the console to stop using them.

Since a year!!!

Regarding the blog post I will do it for the release. You are using alpha version so expect things to change

I'm so tired of all of this...

Btw I will write a forum post to enumerate the removed functions..

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Apparently this is my fault... I see now how IMPORTANT documentation REALLY is for BabylonJS development. I didn't mean to piss people off (because i was pissed and did not know what was going on). I guess i could have handled that a bitt better.

BTW ... I am stopping all feature development on the Toolkit UNTIL i get the documentation up and running. I can only imagine the frustration others can have if i was so frustrated by the removal of some deprecated functions (which for some reason i DID NOT see that they were depreciated since BEFORE i even started working with babylon... i think i got involved around version 2.4)

I will try do better in looking up what has been changed, especially when using the ALPHA version (maybe i should be concentrating on the latest stable version for toolkit... and just deal with any new features by added to toolkit UNTIL that feature makes it to stable version).

Anyways... I hope I can get GOOD docs done for the toolkit to avoid pissing folks off trying to develop games using toolkit with NO documentation. I will work on that.

@MrVR I will send you a new toolkit with new physics component... Call me up when can... Lets sync up and work on our docs... (Then we can come back and work on the toolkit features like additional material library stuff and your spline stuff and the other components... we will come back to those after docs... OK)

Lets just try and get that out of the way... ASAP


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