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Phaser with external menu system


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Has anyone any experience of passing in external events to Phaser?

I'm making a game, which Phaser will work very well for, but as part of the design there may need to be an external menu - this will navigate to various parts of the game.  Generally the phaser examples are pretty self contained, and I think this request is slightly out of the ordinary.

Could I send a phaser signal on the menu click and capture that within my game?


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In one of my games runs into an angular application.

When the player reached highscore, I take a print out of the canvas and send the image to the server. However, this action was triggered by the game(phaser canvas), not by the angular app.

// get angular scope
this._scope = angular.element($('ion-view')).scope();

// call controller function

in angular controller:

$scope.ShareRanking = function(game)
	$scope.rankingImage = game.canvas.toDataURL();	

	// bla bla bla ...

Just do the same by adapting the code to, whatever it is using outside the phaser.

javascript.app {

Just pick up the variable / function.

outside canvas:

var foo = function (param) {console.log ('done!', param)}



Sorry for my shit English.

I hope I have helped! = D

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