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How to properly remove physics joint


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I have recently run into a problem with the physics joints in Babylon. I add a distance joint between two impostors in my scene, but after some time, I would like to remove that joint. Currently on the docs, there is no reference to a removeJoint function, and after looking into some of Babylon's source code, I found the function

link: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Physics/babylon.physicsEngine.ts

However,  the function appears as if it is not complete, and I am unsure of the proper way to access it. 

Is there a way to properly remove a physics joint?

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that's an interesing one :)

A spring joint is actually not a joint, it is an external constraint that calculates the forces it applies on each frame.

This is why removing a spring joint doesn't work. It is specific to this joint and this physics engine. This should, however, be working, as we do abstract the spring aas a joint. To overcome this (temporarily) you can do the following:


I will add this as an issue.


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Hi @RaananW,

Thanks for the reply and example. Would you like me to add a github issue?

For the use case I am thinking, I will have many spring joints attached to a given sphere and would like to be able to select which joint I would like to remove. I suppose I could do this by just keeping track of what order constraints are added to the queue but would certainly appreciate another option.

Thanks again!

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