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Hi everyone,

We have been contacted by a guy named Sameer. Ha said he is from FOG.com company, and is looking for HTML5 and mobile web games. We had one of our games which was available for exclusive licensing, and gave him offers with a few options for HTML5 + Android version for one our game. Received a bit raw reply, explaining that its too expensive and they could sponsor 16 games like ours for that price, and they regularly license high quality games for 1500 USD (HTML5 + Android version). Our offer was not 16x times higher than 1500.

He showed me that this is their developer account on Google Play:
Later I found this account which (also) belongs to FOG.com:
I know think it is possible to have multiple developer accounts for the same company, but its weird that the former has a few thousand downloads per game, the latter has millions of downloads per game (likely to FOG.com).

His email account is gmail, and not fog.com, will disclose it later if needed.

I would like to know if anyone had encountered them? Or worked with them?

edit: I have edited my first post regarding the amount of our offer, because it's not that relevant, since obviously if you first give the offer you need to start higher, then bargain the price and terms. I don't want to draw away the attention of this thread by discussing if the price was higher or not. What I wanted to know:
1. Are they truly FOG.com?
2. If yes, is it true that they sponsor high quality games exclusively for 1500 USD (HTML5 + Android version).
The game in question in case anyone is interested:

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Never dealt with them but I know also other companies with several Google Play accounts, one with more high quality games and the other with lower quality and fewer downloads. What is interesting is that it was a gmail account that sent you the mail, when I know during FGL times that FOG had a guy named Neil with a fog.com e-mail that did the licensing.

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