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borrow skeletal animation


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Hi Hunts.  Unfortunately, I don't think that can be easily done.  Actually, you would need to "re-skin" Dude with Megabot's mesh, as opposed to boning Megabot.)  :o 

(Skeletonizing?)  :)

All mesh are made from vertexData values.  The main "kinds" of values/data... are positions, indices, normals, uvs, and colors.  But notice two other types... matricesIndices and matricesWeights.  I think these arrays store the amount of "influence" felt upon THAT vertex... by a bone matrix.  (Bones are actually matrix transformations and not mesh.)

I hear... that "skinning" an armature/skeleton... is a tedious task (usually done in 3D modelers).

Anyway, here's another playground, where I am doing demented experiments and learning.  Notice that "Dude" has 6 mesh - likely mesh 0 is a "dummy" and I re-positioned mesh 1-5 in various places.  Then I rotated a few of them, just for fun.

Notice the console.  Megabot is one mesh.  NOTICE (in console) that I "dump" Dude mesh #1 and Megabot mesh #0 vertexData objects... to console.  Notice that megabot DOES have matricesIndices: Array[18228], matricesWeights: Array[18228], matricesIndicesExtra: Array[18228], matricesWeightsExtra: Array[18228].   So does Dude mesh #1.  I'm not sure HOW or WHY megabot has vertex-weight data.  Perhaps someone else can answer that.

Notice that the length of all 4, is twice the size of uvs, for both Dude Mesh #1 and Megabot mesh #0.  Weird.  Not sure why.

It's all about "skinning".  Lots to read about it... on the web.  I don't know much about it, but I thought I should introduce you to the way BJS deals with it (as best I know). 

It's called vertex weighting.  Again, I don't think there is any miracle "skeleton swap"... because the skin on Dude... won't match the skin on Megabot... vertex-wise.  Sorry for this bad news.  Perhaps others will have other/better ideas.  Be well, party on.

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