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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, i have been started working with BJS short time ago. I couldn't understand the using rebuild method. I have one issue i think i can solve that with rebuild method but i coluldn't understand how to use it. Can somebody explain it pls?
  2. Hi Thanks for the great BJS and TOB exporter, the meshes could be generated from Blender and rendered in BJS environment efficiently. However I find out something interesting that JS heap increases when the mesh is instanced in the scene. But the heap size could not be decreased when the mesh is disposed. I’m curious whether this will cause some memory issues(such as memory leak). Here is the demo of the system: The Source code is as the following or the link : If the playground is better for debugging, please try this link. The implementation and the outcome are nearly the same. (Click Sphere to generate mesh //// Click ground to dispose it) The attachment are the heap snapshots ! 。The heap1 snapshot is took before the mesh is made an instance by TOB-generated-js file 。The heap2 heap snapshot is took after the mesh is made an instance by TOB-generated-js file. We can find that the heap size is increased. 。The heap3 snapshot is somehow hard to understand that when the mesh dispose function is called, the heap size still raise a high level compared to the first snapshot. NO~~ My questions are 1. If the meshes are generated and the Js heap size is increasing at the same time. Will it cause the memory issue and make the system run slowly? 2. How to make the best to decrease the heap size after mesh dispose process. 3. I’m not sure, but during watching the snapshot constructor information, I find there may be some looping references within BJS/TOB/MeshFactory structure. Will it cause the GC(Garbage Collection) unable to release memory? Thank you ! BJS and everything here are awesome!
  3. Hi, How about an option in vrHelper to force the height of the camera, even if isInVRMode is true ? I'm testing my scene seated, but I want to be in a stanted view inside my VR. So it will be nice if we have a forceDefaultHeight option in webVROptions, to always be standing Thank you !!
  4. Hi, First, great job for the VR's implementation !! It's incrediblely simple and it works perfectly !! I would like to customize the mesh created in the "_createTeleportationCircles" function. Is it possible to have an option to do it ? (Or can I already do it ?) Many thanks !!
  5. Hey guys, Is it possible to drag-drop sprites? The scene.pickSprite doesn't return a pickedPoint.
  6. Hi, I've got this weird overlap when using the Highlight Layer - the glow on mesh behind (5) creeps over the mesh in front (A). Is there a way to avoid this?
  7. As the new logo is easy to translate in 3D version, I've made it: It will be probably available soon on the official depository, but you can already check the readme and the sources files on my fork. They're two version of the logo: - the first that I called light version, which have the most correct similarity with the 2D one (as you can see on the playground). It's very light because have colors are assign only via vertex colors, so it composed by one mesh, one material: - the second nammed solid version, made to have a little fun with animation. You have one assign by default on it in .blend file, but it seems that it's not exported, I have to investigate that point. This is what I want to obtain:
  8. Hi, How can I reliably read running scene's framerate? When I output to console values of engine.fps, it gives me heartwarming 59-60fps. However, visually my Babylon app runs at 7-8fps at most! Where's the catch? The reason I need this is to disable certain features if framerate drops below 30fps for like 5-10 ticks. Or is there a better way to detect slower devices? Cheers
  9. Hyy guys, is it possible to migrate a skeletal animation from one model into an entire new model, i made a PG of what i've been trying: I want to export dude skeletal animation into megabotA
  10. Hi, I've got a scene with loads of shipping containers which I need to look nice... Well, you know how it goes Which would be more performant: adding poly detail to the model (it will be instanced), or use bump/normal mapping on simple boxes?