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Quirks, bug awareness and compatibility


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Hey folks, what's going on?
* I'm still a baby-worm level Phaser developer, so warn me if I'm doing anything wrong!

As far as I know, many frameworks have some tricks and quirks that are not very clear when you visit the good looking Github page (or website, or dungeon, multiversal spiritual portal [it's over now, I'm not going to use BGE again..], etc) to download it.

My intent here is to learn and document about those little things that are not listed anywhere and you can certainly stumble upon one day. 

Alright people, if you have experienced what I'm talking about here, let me hear your voice! 
(If you know any post which aims exactly the same thing, put a link down here, so that this one will serve as a pointer until it gets deleted)

Thanks for choosing the American Airlines! ^_^

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Tried to create my own code for extending a Phaser button. For example create two types of buttons, one for menus and

one for game related stuff which play different sounds. Its more complex to extend existing functionality than to use the basic

Phaser button functionality :D  You would end up just creating a factory method with different settings for the two types of

buttons, or just pile up lines of creational code :D


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