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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone had experienced slight differences in "offsets" using sprite2D texture and wether it might be related to caching. As an example I have a fairly small texture of 16*16 here in svg, but i tried also using png, same problem. That's the begining of the sprite texture zoomed in 4800% When using it in chrome with a code like this: const crossSheet = taskObject.cloneAssetIntoScene(R.get.crossSheet, scene) crossSheet.hasAlpha = false const cross = new BABYLON.Sprite2D(crossSheet, { parent: canvas, id: 'cross',
  2. Hey folks, what's going on? * I'm still a baby-worm level Phaser developer, so warn me if I'm doing anything wrong! As far as I know, many frameworks have some tricks and quirks that are not very clear when you visit the good looking Github page (or website, or dungeon, multiversal spiritual portal [it's over now, I'm not going to use BGE again..], etc) to download it. My intent here is to learn and document about those little things that are not listed anywhere and you can certainly stumble upon one day. Alright people, if you have experienced what I'm talking about here, let me hea
  3. Hi guys, I've upgraded to Windows 10 on Friday, and it seems that Babylon.js no longer works on my Firefox (ver 45.0). I had Windows 7 before and it worked. The basic playground scene http://babylonjs-playground.com/ throws the "Your browser does not support WebGL" compilation error, and in the js console these errors appear: Error: WebGL: Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: Error during native OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: WebGL creation failed. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2756 Err
  4. Are the games you produce compatible with all modern phones, tablets, and PCs? Do sponsors look for this, and if not, what are the devices they are mainly concerned with?
  5. I wanted to get a first project running in Phaser and it was an extremely difficult process. I managed to find clues about configuring the csproj file to support the correct output and ecmascript level and that got me most of the way but, when it tried to compile the Phaser Typescript code, it found two error groups. 1) It said optional parameters were not allowed with default values. SO, everywhere in the project that there was "varname?: type = value" there was an error. I had to remove the question mark from each of those locations. 2) The QuadTree inheritance from Rectangle was
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