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ClonerSystem: first use-case


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and the last one, a preview of a building generator, very lightweight and with extremly few lines of code (one mesh as input):

            let rg = new BABYLONX.RandomNumberGen({ min: 2, max:4, seed: 21 });
            let lc4 = new BABYLONX.LinearCloner([obj], demo.scene, { useInstances:true,iModeRelative: true, count: rg, P: { x: 0, y: 2, z: 0 } });
            let rc = new BABYLONX.RadialCloner([lc4], demo.scene, { startangle: 65, count: 50, radius: 15 });
            let reff = new BABYLONX.RandomEffector().rot({ x: 1, y: 10, z: 1 }).pos({ x: 5, y: .2, z: .5 }).str(1).updateClients();
            rc.addEffector(reff, 1);

be your own architect


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