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I am getting a strange error when I try to add shadows.


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Compiltation error

Line 9:1275 - Cannot read property 'dispose' of undefined


I get this when I attempt to add this to my game:


var shadowGenerator = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(1024, light);
ground.receiveShadows = true;


But, when I delete this I still continue to get it for no reason.

To return back I need to refresh the page.

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6 minutes ago, spinnerbox said:

run console.log(); with each property in the code above and check where it will print "undefined".

You are accessing dispose field of something which doesn't exist in memory or it is other place.

Or you forgot to intialize something before the code above.

Compiltation error

Line 8:23846 - r.needCube is not a function 

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On 05.04.2017 at 4:41 PM, c75 said:

seems you tring to use shadows with HemisphericLight. It does not work with this type of light


I am somewhat newbie so I don't understand lots of things.

I read the tutorial and I copied the script and customised it for my game(changed torus to sphere).

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