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is it legal to make a tetris-based game? will it sell?


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I'm learning html5 now coming from a background of native android game development. For my first game I wanted to create a tetris game with a small twist just so I could learn html5 and the library i plan on using(phaser). 


If it turns out good and I decide to really polish the game and everything would it be legal for me to sell it to publishers? and assuming the game runs on mobile as well as desktop browsers, is that something that publishers would be interested in buying? I still have a lot to learn about html5 games and I really don't know what kind of quality publishers expect in html5 mobile web games. It would also be really helpful if anyone could share their game and tell us how successful it was(if your goal was selling it) so I could get a better picture of what it takes to make a successful game.


Thanks for reading everyone

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I can't comment on whether it will sell or not, but be sure that even if you don't call it 'Tetris', The Tetris Company has been known to shutdown anything that involves blocks and has the word '-tris' in its name. I think as long as you avoid that and that your twist is substantial enough then you should be fine to sell it.

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