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HTML games with VR and 360° support, possible?


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I recently got one of those VR headsets where you put in your phone for the display. It's like cardboard only slightly better, with a more sturdy plastic phone holder and a head strap. It's pretty cheap but works surprisingly well with the default YouTube app and some 360 videos.


It is possible to create vr apps and demos using HTML5/JavaScript, for example: Google VR has a JavaScript library that can display 360 images, Glam.js demos.

So I was wondering if it's possible to create HTML5 vr games? Would be pretty cool for escape the room games, where you can look around in 360 degrees.

Although technically I guess it's possible, I don't think there's a real market for such games. Seeing as HTML is mostly used for small webportal games, people with Oculus/HTCVive probably won't bother with HTML5, and people with a cardboard headset don't have powerful enough phones. Any thoughts?

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I was planning to do a VR project for fun in the not too distant future,  but my current project keeps dragging on :/

Anyhow,  yes, there are possibilities.  You could take a look at playcanvas, i recall seeing something ...



Their blog post of last year: 


A youtube of their editor:



There's also the opp to do some augmented reality,  using a phone's camera and super imposing html5 2d.



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Quick update on the subject :

Yes you can create VR and AR (Augmented reality) on the browser thanks to the webXR standard. Frameworks like Aframe or Babylonjs directly support it. 

If you are more of a unity export guy, Mozilla had a exporter but De-Panther and Rufus31415 improved it a lot!

For more help from the webxr community, you can have a look at the discord : https://discord.gg/Pf6XnhvkZv (I am slt#2291 on discord)

Happy creating!

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