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Display point that is a part of tube.


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Hi guys.  Sorry to butt-in.

Here's a tube test-scene.  I used a second (cloned) tube... over-laying first tube, with its material.fillMode = BABYLON.Material.PointFillMode;  (line 48).  Looks okay - perhaps workable. 

Fun side note:  Normally, we can do tiny up-scale of the wireFrame or pointCloud over-lay mesh... to avoid z-fight jaggies on the dots or wires.  When using curved tubes, that is more challenging [test scene #2 - line 46]. 

In this case, some of our dots are disappearing.  Probably wingnut mistake, though.  :) 

Hey, good name for character...  Zeefite Jaggeze.  :D   kbye agn.

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