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Looking for javascript developer

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Hello visitor!

I'm looking for skilled javascript developer to build small web game for 2 weeks with me.
My main goal to get know more about pixi.js by doing valuable project for estimated time.

What you will get at the end of development?

  • You can share game with others, it will be your own portfolio;
  • You can stay with me for next 2 weeks to monetize the game to get revenue from advertising. I will share 50% with you;
  • If you not familiar with pixi.js, you will get experience by doing real project and you will spend only 2 weeks to get results;
  • You will meet good guy (me :)), we can collaborate to do next projects which will give you money.

Who am I?
My name is Andy Tyurin. I'm working in banking sphere in a role of front-end team leader. I spend my free time by working with my own 2.5D game engine which is written on Dart. I'd like to build games, but I haven't got any real games to show, which can be described as a problem for me, but I did a lot of examples build on top of three.js, lwjgl (java). Except the fact, that I'm Dart enthysiast, I'd like to work with other languages such as javascript, node.js and java.

Which tech stack I want to use by doing this game?

  • Pixi.js as rendering engine to build 2D game;
  • KOA framework to build REST, websocket server (node.js);
  • React to make UI components.

What about project, any other information?
The game is called as "Space football".
I will glad to tell you more, please contact first by skype: AndyTyurin

Kind regards!

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Hi Joncom!

As a first, thanks for your respond. 

It's very simple multiplayer game with matches available to play. Each match has estimation time and there red and blue teams which should have more or 3 as a maximum goals to win. All actions proceeding in space without any real graphics, only primitives such as rectangles, circles and triangles. Additionally, there would be some particles, but without any complexity.

All that you need to start game, input your name and push 'start' game. Server will connect you to one of available mathes where you will wait for opponents.

There are different modes to play 1 vs 1 to  5 vs 5. You can invite friends to play by sharing the link of your match.

Player as I have expecting would be a circle and at start he will be spawned near his team's gate. The ball will be spawned in center of map. After time countdown, you should reach the ball and push it to enemy gates by using or mouse and keyboard controllers. To push ball you should press 'space'. It will make impulse to ball, which will make it move to specific direction. The game has physics, but not real as in space, only x + dx - damping.


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