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PhaserQuest - Roleplay Mod.

This is a version of PhaserQuest with RPG elements in it such as levelling and an equipment system. Many thanks go to the original developer of PhaserQuest and of BrowserQuest for the assets.

Play the Demo Here:


Note 2 - You also need to be level 2 to equip the next beginner sword. The dialog is missing for now.


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Hello, Langerz82! Would you mind talking with me through private messaging if possible, please? (I don't know if this website allows this) I really hope you can help me with a little doubt I had regarding the development process for this kind of games. I don't understand anything about how to use sprites or create events, since I only have worked with RPG maker before.

My very best wishes.

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I have released PhaserQuest: RPG Mod to the Android Play Store. Download it and see how it runs on your tablet or mobile. ^_^ It should take into account a variety of different resolutions. Your feedback would be highly regarded, please bear in mind its still in beta so some bugs are still present like the text being too small to read on mobiles.


note - One bug I have encountered small rooms gotta log out/in for the doors to show again.

@Arderyan82: I suggest you download the original source from Jerome and take a look how the PQ source is structured and get a local server running first. https://github.com/Jerenaux/phaserquest His source has some complicated code particularly how the data transmission occurs through the CoDec. After that try and make some small modifications with his code and see how it goes. I just use a jEdit and Gedit to modify the source, and the chrome developer console is your best friend for debugging, include logging events for the data transactions from the client to help you understand when data is sent/received. Hope this points you in the right direction, cheers.

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From the screenshot it seems to be very nice work, I had completely missed it so far, so when you mentioned it in your issue in Phaser Quest's code I didn't know what you were talking about at the time! :D

However I was only able to check the screenshot, because on my laptop the game doesn't load, regardless of the browser I use; it remains stuck on "creating world ... ". Didn't check on mobile.

In any case, I'll feature it in the "related work" section of the Phaser Quest page!

PS: It's Jerome, not Jeremy.

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