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useLogarithmicDepth and Sprite


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I am building space game with big distances. To avoid glitches I use `material.useLogarithmicDepth = true;` And I found that all materials on scene need to be set to useLogarithmicDepth = true.

I using Sprite and got problem: mesh with logarithmic material renders in front of sprites.

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WICWQN - Here a tree is on position in front of cube, but looks like this tree inside the cube.

Is this a way to bypass this behaviour?

P.s. I can not disable useLogarithmicDepth

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@hunts , SpriteManager does not support useLogarithmicDepth and it is a problem. I cannot disable useLogarithmicDepth because of glithes, glithes are because of big distance. I dont want to minimize difference beetween camera.minZ and camera.maxZ. I did not find a way to do it BABYLON, so I decided to extend SpriteManager. The solution is in second post.

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