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How do I apply a material to the back side of a plane?


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I.E., playing card with 2 sides. Not sure how to apply a material to the backside of a plane? I would think there must be support for this though, because of the fact that there is DEFAULTSIDE, FRONTSIDE, BACKSIDE, options right? Otherwise what is the point of having frontside backside?

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1 hour ago, NasimiAsl said:

this is a new way that look like standard material but called custom material 


* notic that your normal most be reversed in back face



Sorry I should have been more specific. How do I apply a different texture to the back of the plane? I.E., a playing card, you have a front side with the numbers, back side does not have numbers.

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On 5/28/2017 at 4:59 PM, JohnK said:

Two planes same position one FRONTSIDE one BACKSIDE. If any image interference separate slightly along plane normals

ah ok, that was going to be the next thing I tried but seemed wonky and figured it was built in due to the FRONTSIDE BACKSIDE options. But thinking through it further maybe that makes the most sense anyways, since each side has different interactions. Also the bigger thing I was hung up on was duplicating logic between the two planes if I take two and mash together but I suppose the best way to model it is parent plane with 2 child planes, then always target the parent when moving

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We can detect that without uv Changes just need change vNormalW in default shader and make new diffuseColor and samplerColor

in this case if we don't change uv map we can use atlas Map too for that

that can be support Extra Object too because we just change shader Not any Attribute of object

thinking about that

in my solution  we change vNormalW in varying to a simple global variable

and just need change it to -1.0 * VNormal if  gl_FrontFlag is Off ( for back face ) and some diffuse texture changes i test it in shader Builder  but for standardMaterial we need a few changes if you agree for this i can make sample 






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i think some option of standard material use vNormalW and some other use normalW


normalW=gl_FrontFacing ? normalW : -normalW that used in default shader

but light don't correct normal in back side view

fun : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#F5IEQE#8



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