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Tiled, tiled map and collision polygons in tile collisions editor


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I'm using tiled to create maps for my game. I want to create polygons in the tile collisions editor so when I place a certain tile, lets say a curve with a fence I always want a collision poly along the fence. Currently my curve is made of 6x6 tiles so I load the curve as a tile map in tiled. The tile collisions editor only allow me to add objects per tile. I want a object on the entire tile map instead so whenever I place a curve I get the collision part too. If I would make my tile map into a single tile the problem is that I have to draw 6x tile columns and rows outside the camera or track pieces will popup when the top left 64 x 64 tile enters the camera. (This is my own drawing function created before I found phaser, will phaser drawing do it different?)

So basically I want to treat my tile map as 64 x 64 tiles that my game draw while I want collision objects to be active as soon as part of the tile map is drawn. I would prefer if I don't have to create my collision polys as a separate layer after creating the map.

Any tips on how to solve this problem?

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