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Procedurally Generated Content ?


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This is more of a discussion than a demo.

I thought it would be cool to know how people would approach a thing like PGC.

I made a little demo based on the following article on how NMS achieved their semi-PGC: http://3dgamedevblog.com/wordpress/?p=836


And with materials:


The main model is split into pieces such as head, body, tail, legs and arms, and then variations of these are added to arrays and randomly picked. A random scale is picked too, as well as randomly generated materials using 2 textures and ShaderBuilder.

This isn't something I need at this moment, but I think it's pretty cool and interesting to read about.

ShaderBuilder and TexGen could be used to make some awesome procedural materials using a variety of colors and noise.

One could also manipulate the vertices and normals I suppose, to get some more variation.

You could then use few variables to generate a big variety of different creatures, foliage, rocks etc.

In theory, this could save a lot of space on models and textures.

One issue that comes to mind when I think about a web-game is the size of the models. All models will take up space, so manipulating the vertices might be the best approach, as every time you add a "head", "leg" etc. model, the size increases by +1.

Another thing is the skeleton. This skeleton will have to be applied to every mesh inside the 3D software. Or can you apply skeletons to other models based on vertices?


As I mentioned, this a nothing more than a discussion, so fire away if you have any ideas.

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