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Texture Generator De Luxe


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It's a pleasure to announce a texture generator  "TexGen" to be used by BABYLON developers. Due to the excellent work of @NasimiAsl 's ShaderBuilder it's possible to build a somewhat generic shader and inject the  runtime properties (uniforms) on the fly. I've designed a shader-script which takes altenative inputs, generates artificial normal maps, mixes with another optionally image and outputs a really nice 3D look of the (flat) inputs. Live system available HERE (updated)

Key featuers:

  • Alternative input sources: PatternGenerator, NoiseGenerator and plain image
  • No need for normal maps, they will be generated on the fly by the shader
  • pattern generator on the javascript side, once generated => turbo speed on the shader side
  • noise generator on the javascript side (Perlin,Fractal,Turbulence), once generated => turbo speed on the shader side
  • Preset concept, all shader/pattern/noise-parameters can be reduced to a handful numerical settings (JSON-Format)
  • Full procedural, images can be mixed optionally


Here are some preset patterns from the noise generator and some other Examples.

I hope you find this interesting...



PS. a short description to the LIVE-System (from right to left): on the upper right you find a slider with three input-sources. The next menu are the properties for the pattern generator. On thenext  menu are the shader properties mainly for the normal map creation and a slider "balance" where you can mix another image to the input. And on the left side is the noise menu (I prefer preset9 :) ), there are endless more to be detected...




Full procedural image with noise:


Mixed with another image:


Input source: single image!


Input source: pattern generator


Noise mixed with image:


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@Deltakosh thank you, I'm not sure because Texture Generator consists of two parts: the editor/generator and the corresponding shader-script . Both have dependencies to the  ShaderBuilder which isn't an official extension yet. Suggestions are welcome :)

Here is the amost finished version of the editor (it's a plain BABYLON application). The interface for using the generated output is very straight forward:

@NasimiAsl FYI

var shaderparams = { stepx: 0.005, stepy: 0.005, invR: false,.... // shader parameters
shaderparams.texGen = dynTexGen; //generator texture, image generated from TextureEditor
shaderparams.texMix = dynTexMix; //mixer texture, image generated from TextureEditor
box.material = compoundShader(shaderparams).BuildMaterial(scene);

You can play with the Texture Editor (version alpha) HERE.





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