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What has it been done when a image is loaded by loader


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11 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

Its actually possible to unzip the image from png to rgba form on this step, and it'll be done in pixi-v5 :) Actual uploading consists of two parts - unzip png to RGBA and sending it to GPU. I dont know which is our actual problem :)

so do you mean in pixi-v5 the step unzipping png to RGBA will be moved from uploading part to loader.load part, and by doing that, it might smooth up the delay on first render?

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Exactly, and it'll be async, in another thread. One more detail: there will be a flag, whether or not keep that bitmap in memory after its uploaded to GPU. PNG form is small, while that thing is big and for low-memory devices it'll be critical. RPGMaker MV stores extra canvas per pixi texture (and its called Bitmap) and they have problems on low-memory devices.

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