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Hi guys

I've stumbled across Phaser which looks very interesting.

Since there seems to be this strange desire for everything to work on a mobile phone (not particularly something I agree with), I did try loading some of the examples up from the phaser website.

Although these look more than awesome on a desktop browser (Chrome), my Google Nexus 6P with it's speedy processor could not render properly and I have these concerns:

1. Failed to render the same as a desktop (darlek for instance looked very pixelated/loss of pixels completely or check wave example for instance stops rendering a smooth wave form and starts taking on a block apparence)

2. It also made my phone very laggy, I'd have uploaded a screen grab but the phone could not perform one due to the lag issue. (The phone also started becoming very hot which is an indication of high load on battery and CPU/GPU...actually don't phones even have gpu?)

3. the canvas element doesn't allow for dragging the page to scroll (something I've seen an issue with in other canvas related apps)

As far as looking at this for desktop, I'd still be very interested in getting started with it as my previous browser games/tests fail to provide the capacity that I could use with HTML5 canvas (I haven't used much in the way of this) example of work done using only JQuery and simple HTML elements + CSS http://skyrocket.zombiesbyte.com/

I don't mean to start my first thread in a negative way, these concerns were simply to explore the communities thoughts and the direction of mobile support.

Anyway, thanks for reading.



.. I managed to capture a screen grab on my phone in the end so file shows comparisons.

FYI: Nexus 6P is comparable to Samsung Galaxy S6. probably also worth mentioning that I use Chrome browser on the phone too.


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